ADRIANA GALETSKAYA is a young, talented and emotional artist with innovative thinking and worldview. She has been attending creative classes at the Kyiv LEONARDO Private Art Studio for several years. Having no special artistic skills, she stepped into the studio with a desire to learn how to draw... After a few years of classes of the fine arts, her progress and creative rise became obvious - from pretty timid first steps in the fine arts to winner awards at prestigious art exhibitions and contests. Although Adriana’s one of the first creative trials, which is the romantic summer landscape of Croatia, turned to be quite successful, her skills and artistry were yet unripe but the emotions and impressions were more than enough. Adriana Galetskaya drew paintings of different genres and coloration a lot and persistently. They encompassed the positive and emotional content and moral eminence. And her individual art style began to gradually develop, and her inimitable delicate bluish and silver, pink and pearl coloration with subtle nuances of color and amazing emotional undertones began to form.

Several years ago, Adriana painted a tender, translucent Angel for her little son. This Angel looks into the window and brings the fabulous peace and joy, the azure and the damp sea breeze... A piece of such peace and spirituality is present in every work of Adriana Galetskaya. At one of the urban landscapes of Adriana, the Seine quay is recreated by impressions and memoirs. The landscape is painted in a style close to the works of the French artists such as Albert Marquet and Raoul Dufy, who pictured the Seine and Paris in a kind of “naive “style in the 19th century.
At a certain stage, the artistic manner of Adriana transformed in part, and some more daring pictorial solutions, self-confidence and loose style came into sight... As an example of the new authorial artistic concept, we see the “portrait” pictures of art symbols – the presumptuous red-chromed car in the work “Arttuning” (2011) and the yellow- saffron, accentuated and “characterful” motorcycle “Intruder” (2011). The romanticism and lightness of the previous works remained in the drawing of tender endless sky as a contrast background for the featured machines.
The tenderness, naivety and coloristic originality are always present in the still life paintings of Adriana Galetskaya. The delicate lilies of the valley are barely outlined on a pink background, so that they look so soft and helpless in the still life. And those flowers are incredibly decorative. This still life could not be confused with the works of other students of the studio.
The specific nature of her creative concept is emphasized by the original names – “Tender”, “Autumn Mood”, “Wine Colored”. The still life “Tender” took the artist to her win and first place in the nomination “Still Life” at the VII Modern Art International Exhibition and Contest “Ukrainian Art Week” (Ukrainian Art Week, Kyiv, March 2013) and the St. Petersburg Art Week (July 2013, Exhibition Hall of St. Petersburg Union of Artists).

The works by Adriana Galetskaya from the series “Nu” may be seen separately as a very special and emotional part of her art. The first attempts of Adriana to acquire the skills in picturing the nudity were quite creative and interesting in terms of painting – “Nu”, “Red and Blue”, “Model”, “Shy”. These pictures are not perfect in terms of keeping up the canons of plastic anatomy. They have bright and emotional features, and they accurately convey the impression from the pictured object - the fragility and tenderness of female images, and the strength and certain brutality of those of men. Acquiring the signs of confidence and mastery, the works of Adriana “matured enough” to a certain author's originality and to the level of being displayed at international art exhibitions. The emotional and expressive “Eva” won among the works of professional artists at the Russian Art Week in Moscow in November 2013. It was exhibited at the IX Florence Biennale of Modern Art (November 2013). The painting “Adam” is paired to the “Eva”. The both paintings and two other works with other projections of male and female torsos made up the polyptych “DNA of Infinity” which was demonstrated by the author at the Florence Biennale in 2013.

The acryl painting, which is a new technique for Adriana Galetskaya, gave her certain freedom and surprising decorativeness. Allegedly, the decorative acryl gave her a new degree of freedom in expressing feelings. And that enabled her to create inimitable “nudes” and landscapes. The fantastically coloristic paintings drawn in Italy sre “Captivating”, “Burano”, “In Venice”, “Santorini”. The exotic painting “Marrakech” is exquisitely decorative, laconic and emitting the endless azure, which reminds the perfect works of Henri Matisse. Perhaps, this painting will begin a new art series of Adriana Galetskaya, which is authorial, interesting and surprising.

Lidia Gurska, member of Ukrainian National Union of Artists



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