Оften people ask you “what are your hobbies“?

Adriana Galetskaya. Painter.

That is, is there anything you really love to do beyond your routine work. Actually, very few people were lucky to turn your passion into the profession. For many of them, like myself, it was a need to path the way into my heart. And it's not bad Indeed, you life becomes the deadal earth , your horizons are widening, and my belief that life is a poem is undying.

My education background (“International Information” in 2000 and “Business Management” in 2005) has no nothing to do with painting. However, it was the former profession which made me a personality. In 2000 through 2008, I worked in the field of defense partnership, namely I was an officer responsible for coordination of international programs (Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ukrainian-American Office of Defense Cooperation, training in Canada).

That was an interesting and promising job, I had business travels abroad, communicated with interesting people, and was a member of the great team… but a mysterious spark was still flickering inside me, something haunted my mind. Is everything done? (personally, I am happy: married , we have son :)). Maybe I have missed something, for which I did not have enough time in the whirlwind of life? Psychoanalysts, probably, would call that a 30 year age crisis. But I believe that is a walking life (often, people who reach the age of 30 discover who they really are, or it only seems so at some stage of life, and the path to your heart is life-long). During my maternity leave, I had a chance to recall my wonderful time when I was a child, when the time stopped and the painted staircase was gleaming with floral colors.

So, after looking back at my successful professional career, I am starting script a new life scenario, while being uncertain, hesitating and with doubts whether I am making the right decision . Thanks God I got then (in 2008) in the LEONARDO Art Studio, whose leader noticed and uncovered the talent, in which I believed just a little, but I followed an incomprehensible, strange call of the wild... Indeed, the artwork gave me the endless opportunities for further perfection and growth.

After several years of classes at the studio, my awards (1st prizes ) at numerous international and national exhibitions became real.
I am very happy that people see a life-affirming energy and are positively inspired by my works.

Adriana Galetskaya,
painter, member of International Federation of Artists

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